Bluetooth Headsets for Helmets

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Motorcycle Bluetooth headset?

Is it legal to wear a standard Bluetooth headset while on a motorcycle?

What about iPod earphones?

What about those Bluetooth helmet sets?

Posted by scott

Nothing stopping you wearing a BT headset other than the fact it would probably be uncomfortable, you would be better off with a helmet with BT already fitted.
Ipod earphones would again be uncomfortable, but if you can wear them ok, then you’d be fine.Which type of iPod has Bluetooth?

I’ve been told that there is an iPod that has Bluetooth, that can connect to a headset in a motorcycle helmet.
I’ve looked at the product descriptions of various models of iPod on many websites, but there is never a mention of them having Bluetooth capabilities. My phone connects via Bluetooth to the headset, the phone part of it anyway not the GPS in it nor the music player.
So I’m looking for a music player that will connect to a helmets headset via Bluetooth so I can listen to music on a long ride.
So if you own an iPod could you have a look in your owners manual to see if yours has Bluetooth & if so could you let me know what model iPod it is, please.
Thank you.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Techno
10 pts coming your way.Posted by oldm8

The iPod touch has bluetooth.