Bluetooth Snowmobile Helmets

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Can you hook blue tooth together?

There’s a snowmobile helmet on the market I’m looking at. Vega – Summit 3-0 Modular Snowmobile Helmet.

Can you hook the two V-com Bluetooth helmet together without using a cell phone.


Posted by Jacob

Yes, that is how these units are designed. Which Intercom For helmet’s?

My husband and I are looking to purchase some Bluetooth intercoms for our trip down to vegas.
We cannot decide between either the U-clear or the Sena SMH10. My husband likes the fact that the U-clear doesn’t have a boom mic. But I have read more reviews on the Sena being the better of the two.

Thank you for your Awesomeness!
No clue.

Posted by Natalie

Sena is a great unit I have been using them while dirt biking for 2 years now and never an issue. If you get the snowmobile package it comes with both a boom mic and flat mic and is the same unit.