Questions and Answers Questions? Bluetooth in motorcycle helmet? I was wondering if it would be easier/cheaper to get a helmet with Bluetooth already in it? Or attach it myself? Also, I’m new to Bluetooth and not sure if I need something on my phone for the Bluetooth? I have the iPhone 4. Thanks for any … Read more

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Kit

Of course, motorcycles are usually noisy. In the old days, this usually meant that riders could not really enjoy the same options as automobile drivers could. There was no way to hear music, get directions, listen to the news or weather, or even communicate with other riders. The problem is that being out of communication … Read more

Choosing The Right HJC Helmet Bluetooth Kit

HJC is top of the line when it comes to high-quality motorcycle helmets. They claim to have reinvented the concept of premium helmets and it’s very likely they are correct. Of the many different models and variations they have released, the Bluetooth ready helmets are among the most popular. Bluetooth ready helmets are designed to … Read more