Questions and Answers Questions? Bluetooth in motorcycle helmet? I was wondering if it would be easier/cheaper to get a helmet with Bluetooth already in it? Or attach it myself? Also, I’m new to Bluetooth and not sure if I need something on my phone for the Bluetooth? I have the iPhone 4. Thanks for any … Read more

Motorcycle Modular Helmets with Bluetooth

Questions and Answers What do you think about this motorcycle helmet? Viper RS-V121 Blue 2 cheers!Http://www.sounddistribution.co.uk/produ… Posted by ! It looks ok, and I love the idea of an integrated bluetooth!The price is pretty reasonable, I wouldnt advise buying a really cheap helmet as you just cant put a price on your head!I would recommend … Read more

Bluetooth Snowmobile Helmets

Questions and Answers Can you hook blue tooth together? There’s a snowmobile helmet on the market I’m looking at. Vega – Summit 3-0 Modular Snowmobile Helmet. Can you hook the two V-com Bluetooth helmet together without using a cell phone. Http://www.allsnowmobilegear.com/Snowmob… Posted by Jacob Yes, that is how these units are designed. Which Intercom For … Read more