Cheap Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets – Why Cheap Isn’t Great

There is a saying that cheap isn’t great and great isn’t cheap. This applies to Bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmets. Many of them sell for several hundred dollars and you will most likely want to invest in this piece of equipment rather than toss a few dollars into a cheap buy.

The biggest reason for this is your safety. If you plan on riding your motorcycle on major highways to get to and from work, you have many other people’s safety to think about as well. It will not be pleasant if you are riding along listening to music and your helmet visor starts to come loose or something happens that distracts you from the road. You could easily get in to an accident.

Inferior brands of Bluetooth helmets have been known to have some of the parts come off or break. Maybe this has yet to happen to a rider while on the road, but that it happens at all should concern you before you choose helmet to buy.

If you must save money, you do have options for buying a quality helmet. You could find products that are on closeout. Do a search online at your favorite motorcycle supply retailer to see what products are available.

The one caveat with this type of purchase is that you may have a problem in the future if you want to upgrade or replace a part. Since the product is no longer made, it can be harder, but not impossible to get the item needed.

If you absolutely must go with a lower price point on a helmet, be sure to read as many online reviews about it. If there are numerous complaints about its fit or the way the speakers work, move on to another product.

Helmets have built in speakers which allow you to take important phone calls, hands free, as well as hear GPS commands. However, some of them, if they are cheap, may have inferior quality speakers which can create safety issues. If the speakers do not work well you might be turning the volume up higher, making it harder to hear any important sounds outside like emergency sirens.

Use caution when purchasing a less expensive Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. You might be getting a cheap item, but it may not be great where your safety and that of others is at stake.

Questions and Answers

Is there any good full face motorcycle helmet speakers out there that is thin so my ears wont get caught?I am looking for some full face motorcycle helmet speakers. I have recently bought some on ebay however after installing and trying it on, the speakers cover my ear space and bends my ears which make it hurt. I was wondering if anyone out there knows and good speakers that had the same problem as I did.

Posted by okudaokda

There are ear-bud speakers that are great for any helmet usage. The better the quality of sound, the higher the price. But, usually the hard wired ones are better and cheaper than the Bluetooth speakers.

As far as the safety aspect. Well, motorcycle riding is dangerous anyway. I don’t use speakers in my helmet, but this is still a free country and if you want to ride with tunes, then who am I to say what you can or can’t do while riding?

Goodrich, TX.

What bluetooth unit will fit into my HJC CL-MAX II motorcycle helmet?I thought the helmet came with a bluetooth unit so i could hook up my phone or ipod, but it didn’t and i don’t want to spend 280$ on a chatterbox. Will any cheaper brand fit?

Posted by Ranger84

I have that same helmet, and I think the chatterbox is the only bluetooth unit that fits. Many sites offer the optional bluetooth with the CL-MAX II, but I have only seen ones where the optional bluetooth is always the chatterbox. And yes, they are expensive. BUT… You can definitely find a brand new one cheaper than $280 online.

If you look hard enough online, I am sure you will be able to find a new one for just a bit under $200.

I want to get a new motorcycle helmets. ?Which one has the best saftey rating. Someone reckons the viper is chinese so automatically isnt a good make, anyone got on. I do like the bluetooth but im not bothered, its not vital. I also have an xs head. All advice will be welcome.

Posted by !

You should never buy a helmet without first trying it on as there is a lot of variation between manufacturer’s sizes. When you try it on it should be quite a snug fit. This is especially important with an xs size because most manufacturers do not make such a small helmet shell, instead they simply take a larger shell and stuff it with more padding. This will be fine for a while, but eventually the foam will get packed-down and the helmet will become loose. This is something that eventually happens with all helmets, but is more pronounced in the smaller sizes.

Whichever brand you eventually choose, you should make sure that you can easily find spare parts for it. It’s very frustrating to have a perfectly good helmet for which you can’t find replacement faceshields or faceshield pivots.

When choosing a full-face helmet, I prefer flip-ups. But that’s just a personnal choice and you don’t have to agree.

One last piece of advice: if you buy a cheap helmet you will not be happy with it for very long, as you already seem to know. It is always better to spend a bit more for a quality product. The first and most important feature of a helmet is safety, but is should also be comfortable, quiet, and well-made with easy to operate mecanisms. You can’t tell if it meets these criteria when shopping on web site…