Choosing The Right HJC Helmet Bluetooth Kit

HJC is top of the line when it comes to high-quality motorcycle helmets. They claim to have reinvented the concept of premium helmets and it’s very likely they are correct. Of the many different models and variations they have released, the Bluetooth ready helmets are among the most popular.

Bluetooth ready helmets are designed to easily secure Bluetooth devices in place. They are labeled as “Bluetooth ready”, but that doesn’t mean it actually comes with the Bluetooth device built into the helmet. Instead, you have to purchase a separate Bluetooth kit to work with the helmet. ChatterBox partnered with HJC during the design of many of these helmets so that their devices would work seamlessly together, but you do have some other options.

The ChatterBox Bluetooth Kit

The ChatterBox kit is by far the most common choice simply because it was designed with the HJC helmet in mind.

It fits perfectly within the helmet and doesn’t interfere with the look or feel of the helmet as you are wearing it.

Even if it wasn’t designed to work perfectly with the HJC helmets it would still come highly recommended because it is a very powerful and capable device.

It has a half mile range and can allow for rider-to-passenger or bike-to-bike intercom transmissions. The duplex intercom transmissions can support up to 16 hosts or riders. The intercom can support a range of 12 miles.

The microphone also utilizes noise suppression software. It’s not the best in the world, but it’s good enough that you have a clear conversation driving down the road without much interference.

Finally, it also excels in terms of durability. The ChatterBox Bluetooth kit is rugged and has a water resistant shell.

Scala Rider Q2 Bluetooth Kit

The Scala Rider Q2 kit is another fan favorite. It adds some new features not seen with the ChatterBox kit and improves on some of the features they share.

For instance, the noise cancellation with the Scala kit is far superior to the ChatterBox model.

The Scala Rider can be connected to mobile phones, GPS units, or take advantage of the built-in intercom system.

It also has a built-in FM radio, another feature that would have been nice to see on the Chatterbox.

Making The Choice

The two Bluetooth kits are very similar, but each has its advantages. If you’re looking for a more affordable kit, then the ChatterBox model is your best bet. However, if you want the extra features and improved noise cancellation, then you might prefer the Q2.