Types Of Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Cruising down the highway with the wind in your hair and the sound of a powerful engine in your ears has always been one of the most evocative experiences in the world – however, the latest in helmet audio technology has revolutionized the way that many people enjoy their motorcycle lifestyle.

It’s not just music that has now become part and parcel of heading down the highway – Bluetooth technology has also transformed the experience from one of solitude into a shared experience – even while on the bike.

Although many people still crave the solitude of a bike ride Bluetooth technology has brought chat to the open road and now discussions of scenery and where to make that next eagerly anticipated pit stop are viewed as just another part of the overall experience.

So what sorts of technology are we seeing hitting the market that are going to make the whole riding lifestyle even more interactive?

There are a variety of Bluetooth kits that are available for fitment by the users or helmets available which have the headset’s built-in. The range today varies from around 30 meters to claims of much more extended range, dependent on which version of Bluetooth is being used (Bluetooth 1,2, and 3 are available).

Bluetooth technology is now proven and even the mid-range headsets provide superior reception and clear voice transmission, as well as good sound quality. However, there are some new technologies and approaches that motorcycle riders might be interested in – including a Bluetooth technology that turns the entire helmet into a speaker system.

The Headway system uses acoustic vibration which in effect turns the entire helmet into a speaker – and tests have revealed that those in search of a real audiophile experience while on a bike ride are in for a treat.

Although it is still under development it has already won a number of design awards and is slated for release in the United States shortly.

The price point is expected to be in the region of around $360.

For those who are looking for a fully immersive experience a company by the name of Skully which is based in San Francisco is working on an aircraft-style helmet that will supply a heads-up display complete with text readout and a rearview camera.

Just how distracting this newest iteration of the Bluetooth audio system will be is still to be established – however, the concept is tremendously exciting. Having Led Zeppelin playing in the corner of a screen while traveling at speed may be a little too much for the average novice rider.

However, in order to really take the in-helmet audio experience to the next level experts such as the engineers at BOSE might be called in. Imagine if you will the attractions of BOSE’s world-famous QuietComfort noise-canceling technology applied to motorcycle helmets – now there’s a technology revolution that every motorcycle rider would like to see arrive sooner rather than later.