Motorcycle Modular Helmets with Bluetooth

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What do you think about this motorcycle helmet?

Viper RS-V121 Blue 2 cheers!

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It looks ok, and I love the idea of an integrated bluetooth!
The price is pretty reasonable, I wouldnt advise buying a really cheap helmet as you just cant put a price on your head!
I would recommend you actually visit a shop and try on some helmets including this one, as they vary so much in comfyness and ease of use!
When I bought my helmet I tried on about 10 different ones, from a £300 shoei downwards, and it took me a while to find one to fit perfectly.
Good luck!Best Bluetooth GPS for motorcycle riding?

I want to get my husband a Bluetooth GPS for Christmas. After looking at, at least, 30 different kinds of GPS units, I don’t know exactly if he will be able to hear the directions through his Bluetooth helmet piece. Any suggestions? Or even recommend what you guys are using?

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I suggest you try Vega V-Tune Bluetooth Helmet Solids, HJC IS-Max BT BlueTooth Ready Helmet Multi or Vega Summit 3.0 Bluetooth Ready Modular Helmet Solids with Inner Sun Visor. I am currently using a Vega V-Tune Bluetooth Helmet Solids and its good. Been using it for 1 year and till now its good as new.Any cheap was to communicate to motorcycle passengers while riding?

I have bought a few intercom devices but they never seem to work when communicating to passengers i dont want to spend a lot. I was thinking about buying some cheap walky talkies and like two bluetooth headsets. Has anyone tried this and does it work? Seems like there is a lot of wind getting to my helmet anyway to minimize this?

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Hand signals – check and confirm with passenger before riding off what you want the signals to mean. As in number of fingers needed to signal pit stop, warning about lane change when planning to pass, hazard possible, police spotted, stopping soon or need to stop.. Passenger basic attention signal is universally a hand thump on helmet or back of unhelmeted head- immediate attention needed is thump with tool handle, bowie knife handle, wrench or pistol barrel on back of head. If you want to talk- stay in quiet car.