Personal Bluetooth Helmet Systems – Is Installation That Easy?

The one hit wonders Golden Earring once sang of radar love – a song that epitomized the joy of the Highway. That song has passed into legend and remains a firm favorite among fans of the open road. Radar on the road was still cutting edge technology in 1973 when the song first aired – but times have changed.

Today motorcycle riders can enjoy music such as this classic and communication with other riders thanks to the technological magic of Bluetooth.

However, Bluetooth sets remain expensive and in helmet music based on store bought options may not be within everyone’s budget – besides which, who wants to give up their favorite helmet in service of music and communication?

So are there Bluetooth kits that the average rider can install themselves?

The answer is a qualified yes. Advances in technology make it easier than ever for even the novice rider to turn their favorite helmet into a device that delivers exceptional music fidelity.

For those who want to chat about the next pit stop or the quality (or otherwise) of their fellow riders music choice there are some after sales Bluetooth systems that fit the bill, but your comfort is going to suffer – and audio performance is going to suffer as well.

The problem with Bluetooth systems is that they are designed to be worn while we walk the streets, not while we’re travelling on a high speed two wheeled vehicle.

It’s easy enough to tuck two ear pods under a helmet – but sweat and motion have a way of making those solutions tremendously uncomfortable.

Unless you’re willing to start cutting your helmet into pieces and reassembling it as a high tech speaker system this sort of approach is best left to the professionals who will make your helmet into a Bluetooth audio extravaganza.

So if you don’t want to leave it to professional audio experts what is the average bike rider to do? One solution is to make the entire helmet into a skull hugging speaker.

A company by the name of Headway has a plan – and it’s set to transform the way bikers experience sound.

Their device attaches to the outside of a helmet and transmits sound using the entire helmet as a transmitter for vibration – in other words the entire helmet turns into a sound machine. Good news for those who enjoy turning their biking experience into an audio experience.

For most bikers the best approach is to leave it up to the professionals. You could do it yourself, but perhaps it’s a better idea to hand it over to those who have a love for both biking and sound.