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Bluetooth in motorcycle helmet?

I was wondering if it would be easier/cheaper to get a helmet with Bluetooth already in it? Or attach it myself? Also, I’m new to Bluetooth and not sure if I need something on my phone for the Bluetooth? I have the iPhone 4. Thanks for any help.

Posted by Andrew

Looking for good headphones for a motorcycle helmet? I’ll start this by saying for the annoying people out there that wearing them under the helmet is not illegal so long as it’s only in one ear which is how I ride.

I like the in-ear headphones with buds as the normal ones just won’t sit in my ear (I guess I have funny shaped ear holes xD) but the bloody buds always seem to be getting caught when I take the helmet off and then come off the actual headphone piece and I lose them.

I’ve seen these headphones that sort of curl around your ear – like the blue-tooth ones, are they any good under the helmet, please?

If not then any suggestions please because I’m sick of losing my buds.

Thanks, everyone for the ideas but I’m looking for something that looks like this and is easy enough to fit in the helmet for around £30 or less. I can’t afford expensive helmets with the built-in stuff and I won’t be using it for anything other than listening to music.

Posted by Craig Freeman

Hi Craig, never found a good headphone/earpiece that was comfortable.
The only solution was to change the helmet. Schuberth is the quietest helmet I have ever used and with their own built-in speakers absolutely brilliant at listening to music on the move.
I have it as a backup helmet at the moment as its wet weather performance was less than good. I currently use a Nolan with the x-Com system installed.
Brilliant, built-in speakers blue toothed to my satnav which in turn Bluetooths to my phone. A pair of connectors at the bottom of the helmet allows me to plug in the radio, both commercial and the dedicated system I use to talk to students. The radio automatically turns down on reception of phone call.
I have perfect reception and clarity of speech in my ears at all speeds. For the benefit of any saying it is illegal to have speakers in the ears (both of them) I am a retired police traffic motorcyclist and I have to tell you there is nothing in any legislation that prohibits it.
And for those saying it is dangerous can I ask if you would therefore ban deaf people from riding motorcycles? No? Then why can’t I listen to music on the move?

Does my helmet say Bluetooth prepared? I have a hjc is-max bt helmet and I’m wondering how the hell to make it Bluetooth. On the left side, it has what appears to be a speaker. What adapter do I need for this helmet? I can’t get the side panel that says Bluetooth ready on it, off of it. Help!Posted by Mitch

You simply pair it to a Bluetooth device such as a Bluetooth-enabled VOX system or a Bluetooth-enabled phone. From that page…

“Designed and built for the savvy, do-it-all street motorcycle rider, the HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth Ready Modular helmet is a first-class display of comfort and convenience for the road in an affordable platform. Packed full of features, the HJC Bluetooth modular helmet combines leading designs like a one-button flip-up feature, one-touch integrated sun shield, and ***Bluetooth capability built right in***, to achieve a touring helmet that is as capable as you are.”

Good in helmet speakers for music while riding a motorcycle?Looking for something cheap but good. Not looking for studio-quality, but want to hear it over the bike and traffic. Preferably something with audio control on it, but not that picky, just wanna listen to music while I ride.

Posted by Sam

Vega has a range of good-quality helmet Bluetooth gadgets. It also comes with a phone answering facility. It’s a good choice for everyday use.

Wireless headphones/speakers to put in my motorcycle helmet? So I have a full-face motorcycle helmet and was looking for a way to put some speakers or something inside my helmet that is wireless so that I could listen to music without any mess of cords. Do you know of any? I’ve seen Bluetooth ones with an intercom but I don’t need that feature. I just want to listen to my music. Any ideas? Thanks

also, I have an iPhone 4.

Posted by adam s

I have been researching this myself for many months. I have bought a no-name set that cost 100 dollars and did not work out of the box! Being a rider for 32 years, talk to a great many biker friends, and doing reviews, the best ones on the market are Sena SMH-10 for 300 dollars. Doesn’t matter where you buy them. They have a price fix on them and every place you go, that’s the price you are going to pay. You are not going to get a Bluetooth connection without the intercom feature. Our helmets are snug (or at least should be for proper fit) and all Bluetooth devices just for phones will not fit.

They connect to your iPhone, passenger, and 2 other riders if they have the same headset. Their range is something like 1/4 mile and for a Bluetooth that is not bad. Happy riding! A Honda Goldwing motorcycle has a 5 pin plug and cord that interfaces with the helmets.? A Honda Goldwing motorcycle has a 5 pin plug and cord that interfaces with the helmets.
Three pins go to the speakers and two pins from the mic. For the CB radio. Is there a way to
convert these signals to Bluetooth so I could eliminate cords and use Bluetooth helmets?


Posted by Deb

For more options:
Google – motorcycle Bluetooth.

Can you suggest a good-looking Motorcycle Helmet and Bluetooth ready? I’m looking for a motorcycle helmet with speakers and iPod listening capabilities. I don’t know if this is possible but also a Mic to talk to a friend with a second helmet the same as yours if he’s riding near you. Thanks.Posted by Johnny

What I would suggest is a scala rider multiset Q2. (http://www.cardosystems.com/scala-rider/scala-rider-q2-multiset). I have used one of these for riding and they work great! I’ll listen to my iPod and turn on Bluetooth when by myself, or ill turn on Bluetooth and pair it up with one of my friends while we are riding. You can use them when you are riding fairly far apart, and it was def. A good investment. As far as finding a helmet with Bluetooth built-in sorry I can’t help you out, but find a decent helmet (pawn shops usually have good deals..just saying) and get a scala rider to go with it, you won’t regret it!

Why would you not wear a helmet? For those of you who live in a state where you are not legally bound to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle, why do you choose not to?

Is it because you don’t think you will get into an accident? Is it because you think it is uncool?

Just a question out of sheer curiosity.Posted by Jennifer

Yes, unfortunately, it’s all about being cool and fashionable!

First, the stats: If you are involved in an accident, your probability of dying if you don’t wear a helmet is 40% higher than if you do.

Also, everybody will tell you that a full-face helmet is the one that offers you the best protection.

But the unwritten rule says that you wouldn’t be caught dead (literally) on a full face if you are riding a cruiser! That is a fact of life. You ride a cruiser or (worse) a Harley, you either wear a bandana or you wear a half helmet that will not compromise your reputation.

Now, sports bike riders cheer their full-face helmets! If they are not wearing one it’s because they were lazy and none of their biker friends are around. But going on a group ride without wearing a full-face helmet? Totally uncool! After all, they are trying to look like Rossi or Lorenzo and these folks would not step into the track without a full face!

As for the touring and sport touring riders, they are the wise ones. They tend to wear flip-up helmets loaded with cool gear such as integrated speakers connected to their bike’s stereo system.

As for safety? Nothing wrong with being safe as long as you remain cool. What’s my best option for a hands-free system in a motorcycle helmet? I am looking to buy a helmet that I can wirelessly link to my phone for navigation help and music if possible. I wanted to know which products are currently available and what the price range is currently. Also if I should buy a separate device that I can wear underneath a helmet.

Posted by Calvin

Look for the Scala rider, different motorcycle shops, and places like dick smith have different prices so it’s a bit hard to give you a definite price, you might even find one cheap on eBay?
The good thing with Scala rider is they’re Bluetooth and are compatible with most phones and GPS units, you can even link them with 6 other Scala riders if your friends have them so you can communicate while you’re riding.