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Does Shoei Make A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet For The Ultimate Riding Experience?

Many motorcycle enthusiasts are looking for the best in safety, design, and technology. If you have loved Shoei helmets in the past, you will be thrilled with some of their helmets that are on the market right now. Unfortunately, none of the Shoei helmets available have integrated Bluetooth capabilities.

With that in mind it is important to find a kit that will allow you to communicate with family and friends as well as listen to music on the road.

One of the best kits for the Shoei is the Sena 10U Bluetooth headset. The 10U is a unibody communications device that features Bluetooth 4.0 technology that easily fits into the ear pocket for the most versatile of use. With four-way intercom that allow up to a 1-mile communications in open terrain that features group intercom and universal intercom technology. Also featured are intuitive voice commands and prompts for easy riding and communication. With incredible advances in technology, the 10U is easy to operate with a wireless remote control and a simple two-button control pad that can be used in emergency situations. The 10 includes music sharing capabilities, advanced noise control, built-in FM radio tuner, as well as an external wired antenna for in-helmet installation. The 10U enables the rider with a generous 10 hour talk time and an app for the Android and iPhone.

Installation is quite simple and only takes moments. All that is needed is to place speakers into the ear pads of the helmet. The kit is designed to be used while you are on the road and is glove friendly. This means you do not have to struggle with taking gloves off while riding, which would defeat the whole purpose of this system. We want to keep things simple and safe on the road and that is what a Bluetooth kit for a Shoei helmet does.

The kit is lightweight and will not interfere with your riding abilities. In fact, after a day or two on the road, you will not even notice a difference anymore. Lastly, the sound quality is absolutely incredible and will make your rides all the more enjoyable. The microphone that is used will help to cancel out any extra noise that makes sure all of your communications get through to the next party.

Shoei motorcycle helmets off the best in safety and design and now they can offer the best in Bluetooth technology with an optional kit.

Questions and Answers

KBC Modular Helmet or Shoei Multitec Helmet?I’m about to make a purchase for a helmet for when riding my motorcycle. I like the Modular (Flip-up) helmets and have selected between 2 different ones. Anybody have any advise on which one is good?

Posted by jgvale_mk

Every helmet meets the same standards. The only difference is the way they fit. You’ll just have to go and try a kbc and a shoei on and see what fits ur head better.Is a Shoei Qwest helmet appropriate for someone who rides crotch rockets?Sports Bike Helmets.

Posted by Felix

Yes, Shoei makes great helmets for all riders and bikes. The Qwest appears to be suitable for the need.

Do you even ride a motorcycle? I’ve owned Sportbikes for years, and have always detested it when some idiot, non-rider calls it a “crotch rocket”.Q:about Helmet?Arai vs Shoei?Best Helmet?Which would give me the Best Protection? Like if a truck ran through my head. .
U kno what i mean.
My first time owning a motorcycle so i want to trust my life to one of this helmets. .
Thanks. .
Beginner Motorcyclist
ok im not exagerrating coz ppl here dont follow rules. .i just want to be safe “when the time comes”

Posted by nameless

The short answer: Arai and Shoei are both very good. Buy the one that’s most comfortable.

Longer answer: Every couple of years the big motorcycle magazines–Rider, Cycle World, etc.–do a big article where they buy a couple dozen helmets and have them tested by an independent laboratory to see how good they work. What they find out is that all helmets protect about the same. In fact the best are usually the cheapest, helmets made of ABS plastic (but they’re heavier than the more expensive ones).

You pay more for comfort and features. If you try on an Arai or a Shoei, and then a cheaper helmet, you can see the difference. But the difference in safety is not that much.

In regular motorcycle riding, not racing or stunt riding or anything, the impact is always about the same. Imagine you’re sitting on your bike, not moving, and the bike falls over. Your head falls about 5 ft to the ground. This is the same impact you get in 95% of accidents. You could be going 70 mph but the actual distance you fall is the same (though at 70 mph you will skid a long way). So the helmet is for that moderate impact, and also abrasion resistance to let your head slide along the ground.