Wireless Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

How can me and my buddy communicate when we are both on our motorcycles on a trip?Buddy and i are going on a 11 hour trip on our bikes. I was wonder what is the best intercom to use. We will each be on our own bikes, and id like one that can at least let us fall about 100 feet apart and still be able to talk to each other so obviously its going to have to be wireless. Any brands or suggestions? Provide me with a link if possible thanks!

Posted by poker22only

Firstly, ignore the silly answers about cell phones, two way radios, and the like. You NEED something handsfree.

Purchase a dedicated bike-to-bike communication system. The major players are:

Autocom. Not cheap, but have several product levels. You still have to purchase a radio (FRS or GMRS) in addition to this but it has enough features to be worth it. Plus, it’s voice activated microphone alone is with the price. But you can still mount a push-to-talk switch on your handlebar if you prefer. It allows you to talk to passengers, cell phone and other riders via radio, and listen to your radar, GPS, or any music source. Has automatic music muting when a conversation signal comes in.

Chatterbox. Affordable and it IS basically an FRS (now GMRS) radio that you stick to the side of your helmet. Less features, but complete out of the box and affordable.

Baer. Whoever priced their units is on crack. Features compare to Autocom but prices compare to a defence contractors annual budget.

There are a few other units, MC1, etc, but lots of users complain that although the units work, their cable break frequently.

BTW, all of these require a helmet. Some work with 3/4 helmets. They mount speakers over your ears. I use an Autocom Active 7 and foam earplugs because they are noise isolating. My pillion uses only the speakers and we communicate just fine.

Finally the FRS radios work 2 miles line of sight. The GMRS work up to 7 miles away but claim up to 14. Don’t expect to use a CB. They just don’t work well with any bike comm system. Some Harley riders use a system (I forgot the name) that’s based on CBs instead of FRS/GMRS but I heard that tuning them is a beast.

What is the best motorcycle bluetooth helmet headset for my wife and I to travel with?I am looking for the best motorcycle bluetooth intercom for motorcycle communication that also allows us to hear the radio. I want it to be wireless so that is called bluetooth. If you know of a good site or product name that you have used please hit me up. Thx for your help.Posted by CptCcaveman

I have a Vemar helmet(European brand) that has speakers and microphone with Bluetooth. The thing is great, I run my MP3 player through it, also takes cell phone calls and can work as an intercom. The helmet is expensive, over $600 USD here in California, but worth it in my opinion.